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From Over-indebted To Cleared

Many people will state that the best feeling is having a stressful affair taken care of, which is true. Once a consumer reaches a state of debt havoc, having your finances taken under deep scrutiny by qualified professionals is the exact relief you seek. Having one of our top notch Debt Advisors deal with your […]

Top 10 common causes of Over-indebtedness

  We know that the South African population is over indebted and we have found 10 of the most common reasons why people are in debt. Unemployment, retrenchment or salary cuts: This would be a main cause of applying for credit.   Hospital bills: Many South Africans do not have medical aid and most times are […]

Effects of Medium term budget speech could have on SA consumers – October 2016

In the latest medium term budget speech in October 2016, Finance Minister, Pravin Gordhan tabled the financials and the latest spike in interest rates which could hurt the middle and lower class the hardest. It is a proven statement that most consumers who are in debt are those of the middle and lower classes.  Tax […]

New Trend for over-indebted South Africans

In 2015 it was found that more than half of the South African population’s active credit consumers are over indebted. It is said that of the 19 million active credit consumers, 50 percent are over indebted, fifteen of the 50 percent are described as debt locked by having accounts in arrears within the first or […]

Pawn Brokers a No Go!

A large number of people think pawning their belongings is an easy solution to get some quick cash. However, many pawn brokers have their own terms and conditions that consumers only realise when it’s too late. A pawn broker also regularly offers consumers loans if they (brokers) secure ownership of their (customers) private property as […]


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