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  • Are you finding difficulty paying your monthly debt repayments?
  • Are creditors harassing you at work for payments?
  • Are you struggling to pay all your creditors each month?

Debt Check provides swift and easy debt solutions. Our skilled Debt Advisors will help you manage your finances more effectively and restore your credit status and financial stability.
Debt Check is registered with the National Credit Regulator is part of the Debt Financial Management Group and has been providing expert financial advice to over 15 000 South Africans for the past 9 years.

Take the first step towards financial freedom. Simply complete the form above and one of our expert Debt Advisors will contact shortly.

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A little bit about Debt Counselling

Debt Counselling or Review is a formal debt rehabilitation program that helps over-indebted consumers find an affordable way to manage overwhelming debt obligations. A Debt Counsellor or Debt Advisor assesses the outstanding debt and negotiates an affordable repayment plan with the consumers’ credit providers. This repayment plan is sanctioned by the court and therefore prevents further legal action being taken by the credit providers during the review process, affording our clients some peace of mind. Upon completion of the Debt Review process, the client receives a clearance certificate and a clear record against their name.

Take the first step to financial freedom by completing the contact form at the top of this page and one of our expert counsellors will be in touch with you. To find out more about how we have helped over 15 000 individuals and how we can help you, read more about the Debt Review process or use our free Debt Calculator to see whether you are over-indebted.


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  • Free consultation and advice
  • Reduce interest rates on debt obligations
  • Remove monthly fees charged by creditors
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